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Announcement of New Initiative

Painting Therapists Pamela Whitman, from California, and Marielle Levin, from Colorado, have announced a new initiative for furthering the work of Liane Collot d’Herbois in North America. Their goal is to create a school where individuals in the U.S. and Canada can experience and study her insights into Light, Darkness and Color, and training in Painting Therapy, while at the same time fostering an awareness of this therapeutic approach among Anthroposophic physicians and the non-anthroposophic medical world. This pioneering effort is supported by extensive collaboration and on-going research.

Introductory Workshops:
Light, Darkness and Color,
according to the work of Liane Collot d’Herbois

Studies of Light, Darkness and Color in the approach of Liane Collot d’Herbois are presented in workshops by different teachers in several locations across the US. These workshops can be taken as introduction, and can lead to further foundation studies and formal education in Light, Darkness and Color and Therapeutic Painting. Information about the workshops is included below.


New Foundation Courses in
 Light, Darkness and Color

according to the work of Liane Collot d’Herbois,
based on anthroposophical insights

  • Charcoal exercises and watercolor paintingof the interaction of Light, Darkness and Color based on cosmic laws.
  • Presentations and studies of the activities of Light, Darkness and Color in connection with the human being.
  • Options of date and location for intensive 6-day courses.

These courses are suitable for mature adults with any level of art experience. The exercises help us to connect with our will, clarify our feelings, develop our perception and strengthen our thinking. The courses provide an excellent preparation for the study of therapeutic painting or can be followed independently as a path of self-development, leading to a deeper experience of spirit, soul and matter in us and the world around us.

Denver, Colorado
Feb. 16-21, 2009 – L, D & C & three-foldness of the human being
July 6-11, 2009 – L, D & C & four-foldness of the human being
Medical presentation: Adam Blanning, M.D.
Teacher: Marielle Levin, 303-698-0530

Fair Oaks, California
March 23-28, 2009 – L,D&C & three-foldness of the human being
Fall 2009 – L, D & C & four-foldness of the human being
Medical presentation: M. Kelly Sutton, M.D.
Teacher: Pamela Whitman, 530-477-7794

Spring Valley, New York
Information on possible courses here will be available soon.

Details on courses and registration information will be available on this website as soon as arrangements have been finalized. Please check back soon.

Veil Painting

For more information please contact:

California, Grass Valley:
Pamela Whitman <>

Colorado, Denver:
Marielle Levin
Click here for class flyer.

Mexico, San Antonio Tlayacapan,
Lois Schroff <>

New York, Buffalo:
Mary Fisher <>

New York, New York:
Kate Temple <>

Virginia, Alberta:
Martha Loving Orgain <>

Michigan, Ann Arbor:
Ayesha Mall <>


Contact information regarding training in Painting Therapy:

For information about progress towards a schooling in Light, Darkness and Color and Painting Therapy based in the United States, please contact Marielle Levin <> or Pamela Whitman <>. Information on introductory and foundational workshops will also be posted on

Emerald Foundation
4- Year Training in Painting Therapy (2 sessions per year).
Currently the only officially recognized & certified training in Collot Painting
Courses are taught in English with German translation.
New training begins in Spring 2008!
Mesdagstraat 118
2596 XZ The Hague
The Netherlands
011-31-70 324 7709
011-31-70 324 3726 Fax